Thursday, 29 October 2015

Top Ways to Create Professional Videos Without a Video Camera

If you're looking to create a professional video for your brand, there's no need actually to invest in an expensive camera or to stand in front of it.

Create Professional Videos For Your Business

Actually, there are a number of different styles of video that don't require a video at all.
Better yet, in many cases these videos actually end up looking more professional than anything you would have made with a camera!

So how does this work? Well here are a few examples… take your pick!



You can actually create a very professional looking slideshow video using good old Microsoft Office! If you have Office 365, then you'll be able to create slideshows and these can now be saved as videos. Add a voice track and you have a simple and easy looking video to promote your brand. 


Whiteboard Video  


If you've ever heard of ASAP Science, then you'll be familiar with this type of video.Essentially, it's a type of video that looks as though it has been drawn on a whiteboard using cartoons to illustrate the points that the speaker is talking about.

This is not achieved by filming someone's hand however but by using software like Easy Sketch Pro that makes it super simple.

What is Explaindio  


Explaindio is another piece of software that you can use similar to Easy Sketch Pro. The difference is that it lets you combine cartoons, slideshows and other elements together to create something unique but still very easy to make. Another similar option is Video Maker FX.

Stop Motion

Stop motion is the technique used to make Wallace and Gromit and a range of other films. It can also be a fun way to promote a product with a short video of shoes/CDs/arts and crafts coming to life and moving around. This is the sort of short video that gets eaten up on Vine.

How do you make this without a video camera? Simple – by taking lots of lots of photos and then stringing them together.

Screen Capture 


Using screen capture software is another great way to make a number of videos. This is well suited to any walk-through or tips video for the PC of course but it can also be used for a range of other applications.

You can use it to show off your website for example, or even just as another way to create a video illustration (drawing in Paint) or slideshow video.

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